Welcome to Madeira Island and the Palheiro Gardens

The gardens at "Quinta do Palheiro" are famous not only for the variety of plants that grow there but for the beauty of their setting in the hills to the east of Funchal, the capital of Madeira.

Madeira has long been called the "Garden Isle" and it seems that almost anything will grow in its fertile soil.

In Funchal many tropical plants have found a home and the visitor can see Hibiscus and Bougainvillea in flower almost all the year round along with Jacaranda, Spathodeas, Erythrinas and Bauhinias in their season.

The Palheiro Gardens are situated at about 500 meters above sea level. The original owner, the Conde de Carvalhal, planted many trees on the estate and laid the foundation to the Camellia collection; some of his early plantings can still be seen today.

Palheiro Gardens Slopes of Eden

The Palheiro Gardens are open throughout the year and welcome visitors. One of the most beautiful gardens in Madeira Island, nowadays they are part of the Palheiro Estate.....

The Gardener's Garden

Palheiro Gardens have been featured in the book "The Gardener's Garden" by Phaidon press. The book contains a selection of 250 noteworthy gardens from around the world...

Rare pigeons nesting at Palheiro

As a long time Island resident I was brought up on the story that the Madeira Trocaz pigeon lived exclusively in the laurel forests on the north of the island...