Palheiro Golf Lessons

In very basic terms, golf is simply the knack of controlling the club face at the point of impact with the ball. If you do this in the correct way, and consistently, you will be able to control the ball. Once the player manages to control the ball, he can then concentrate on his score, on getting the ball in the hole, and on achieving the smallest number of shots possible.

Understanding the rules that apply to ball flight - in other words, why the ball goes in a specific direction or way - will be the basis of your learning experience. Armed with this knowledge you will not only understand your own shortcomings but also understand how to correct them - which is more important! - even when you're not with the golf pro.

Happy golfing!

Edgar Rodrigues
Profissional de Golfe

Prices - Golf Tuition

Individual Classes 1 Player 2 Players
50 Minute Class 60€ 70€
1 Hour 50 minute Class 100€ 110€
9 Hole playing lesson (2 hours) 120€ 140€

Group lessons and packages available upon request.