Palheiro Golf Course Update

April 2020

Dear Golfers,

I hope this message finds you well and safe. We are living in challenging times, but I am sure we will get through them.

As you know, Madeira’s Regional Government has ordered Palheiro Golf and other touristic companies to close as a preventive measure to contain the spread of COVID-19. We maybe closed to guests but we are working very hard behind the scenes on the maintenance side of the business, to make sure that the golf course will be in good shape ready for the day we can open again.

I would stress 3 areas on the golf course that we have been focusing on improving:

  • Greens – There is new approach to the greens with a completely new maintenance schedule and ideas. They are faster, they hold the line and they are consistent throughout the course.
  • Green Surrounds – We have re-seeded, implemented new green fertilizers and again a totally new maintenance schedule.
  • Golf Course – We are recuperating the layout of the course with clear definition of the golf hole, with distinction of fairways and roughs.
Green Fee

I want to thank  Eugénio, Nélio and Pedro for all their hard work.

These are our objectives; we won’t achieve everything at once, but we will get there!

We have also changed the colour of the interior of the shop giving it a fresh feel; painted other areas of the clubhouse so that we start this new cycle in a very positive way. Ricardo Neto has been fantastic, and I want to thank him for his outstanding dedication.

The reception are also helping to guarantee that no email remains unanswered and also making sure that behind the scenes in the administrative department that everything continues to run smoothly. I am very grateful for this.

I am not sure when we are going to open, but I do know that there will be some restrictions that might affect working hours and services that we used to have.

These are incredibly difficult times but please know that we will do everything that we can to open as soon as possible with as few limitations as we possibly can.

I am counting on your support and please count on this incredible team.

Please don’t forget to check our social media to see how beautiful the golf course looks.

Regards and #staysafe.

Rodrigo Ulrich