New historical drama series is set to be filmed on Madeira Island & Palheiro Nature Estate

Palheiro Nature Estate on Madeira Island will be the main location for an upcoming historical drama that has recently sparked a lot of interest in the filming industry. After a bidding war between three major streaming giants, the Hollywood Telegraph has announced that production for the big-budget series will begin shooting soon.

The series, which may be titled either "A Tale of Two Counts" or "A Bunch of Counts," is loosely based on the lives of the first and second Condes de Carvalhal. To overcome the time and budgetary constraints, the production team has collaborated with Artificial Intelligence, employing cutting-edge technology to assist with the writing, storyboarding, and even the sound design of the pilot episode.

The first episodes of the series will focus on the first conde and his active and illustrious life as the governor of Madeira. The later part of the series will shift its focus to the grandnephew of the first count, who was a more controversial figure. Rumours have circulated that George Clooney is interested in playing the role of the first count, while Brad Pitt is rumoured to play the younger scoundrel second count.

Most of the filming will take place in Madeira, with many of the scenes centered around Palheiro Nature Estate and Casa Velha do Palheiro, which was originally built by the first count as a hunting lodge and was the venue for many of the scandalous parties held by the second count. One of the key issues holding back the start of filming is certification. With the many nude scenes required to capture the second count's louche lifestyle, an R certification would be necessary, but one of the streaming giants bidding for this series wants to maintain a PG certification to widen the potential audience reach.

Other names that have been circulating in connection with the series are Joaquim de Almeida and newly Oscar-crowned Michele Yeoh, who won an Oscar for her part in "Everything Everywhere All at Once."

There have also been rumours that George Clooney has been house hunting in Madeira during the filming months. Gonçalo Câmara from Imopalheiro, when asked about this, said, "I must maintain complete client confidentiality, but I can reveal that we have had some big Hollywood actors (that like Tequila and coffee) in Madeira house hunting around Palheiro Nature Estate. These actors demand tranquillity, big gardens, heated pool, excellent gastronomy, and absolute privacy, which at Palheiro Nature estate we are able to offer."

The production company will rely heavily on homegrown Madeira talent to fill many of the roles due to the complicated nature of arranging visas for some of the American actors. Teresinha Gedge of MADS will be responsible for running auditions, and those interested in auditioning for one of the roles should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A pre-series teaser is now available and can be viewed here: