• Spa Reception
  • Relaxation Room
  • Palheiro Spa

    A chic, minimalist interior captures the essence of luxury
    and heightens the spa's Zen-like quality.

  • Indoor Pool
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Spa Treatrments

    Palheiro Spa aims for results-based treatments
    relying on the expert knowledge and the considerable experience
    of its team of professionally qualified staff.

  • Treatment Room
  • Palheiro Spa - Powered by Ashoka

    Blending seamlessly into the environment and surrounded by lush, fertile woodland.
    Palheiro Spa is at one with Nature.

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Inspired by nature and its 5 elements

Palheiro Spa - Powered by Ashoka

At Ashoka we believe that the foundation for your holistic recovery is nature, with its 5 elements.

Since we feel responsible for your well-being, we have aligned various massage techniques as well as energetic and beauty treatments with the forces of nature. With fire to ignite your senses, the sea to open wide the expanses, the air and space to set your soul in flight, and the earth to give you a solid firmament, come and enjoy our comprehensive treatment programme for the well-being of your body and soul. Our goal is to bring you back into balance so that you are the person you want to be.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Ashoka Spa team

It is a special concern of ours to respond to your needs and wishes in a targeted manner. With the products from „Pharmos Natur“, you experience the unique, regenerative effect of select adaptogenic plants for healing and rejuvenation. Their rich active ingredients, their intense light energy and their high vibration are contained in precious care products — with pure aloe vera instead of water — with no alcohol — with no classic preservatives.

Our skin absorbs its moisturising gel completely. The many active ingredients supply, repair and regenerate your cells. The ageing process can now be slowed down significantly.

Radiant, wonderful skin. Freshness and vitality. Pure wellbeing in your whole being!

Palheiro Spa - Powered by Ashoka

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Palheiro Spa is open daily from 09h00-20h00.
The Fitness Room is open daily from 08h00-20h00.

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