Palheiro Spa Massages

Personalized Body Massage (30m) €54.00 / (1h) €99.00
Personalised Massage will allow the therapists to use their own therapeutic skills, also to combine different massage techniques to fulfil and anticipate the guest's needs.

Wellness Massage (80m) €115.00
This blissful treatment starts with a gentle body scrub, leaving your skin super smooth and soft, preparing it for the warm aromatic oils specially designed to deeply relax and revitalise your body, face and scalp.

Balinese Massage (1h) €99.00
An ancient technique, Balinese massage uses a variety of techniques including skin rolling, kneading and stroking, acupressure and reflexology; essential oils will relax and soothe you.

Hot Stone Massage (1h) €99.00
This ancient therapy uses therapeutic heat from stones which is slowly released into the heart of the muscle for a completely new body experience. Small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst luxuriously warmed oils are massaged deeply into the body for maximum relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage (1h) €99.00
Indulge yourself in the ancient practice of combining aromatherapy and massage for the perfect treatment. Pure essential oils have a positive effect on the mind, body and spirit by enhancing emotional well-being and maximizing total health.

Foot Reflexology (30m) €54.00
Specific pressure points on the feet help to balance and restore your health, as well a sense of total relaxation.

Signature Massages:

Golfers Massage (30m) €59.00
Stretching & Mobilising
Specifically designed by our team to relax, de-stress, stretch and mobilize muscle groups used for playing golf.

Weary Wanderers Massage (30m) €59.00
Heavy & Tired legs
Treat your weary wanderer limbs to the ultimate muscle melting massage. Feet and legs are gently stretched, pummelled and kneaded. Designed to put the bounce and strength back into the weariest post-levada legs.

Blue Marlin Massage (30m) €59.00
De-stressing & Re-focusing
Complete your adrenaline soaked deep sea adventure making it one of the most memorable in your life – refreshing oil is applied to your sun soaked scalp, shoulders, hands, arms and back, where pressure points are activated and muscles manipulated to free your body of all fishing tension leaving you focused and ready for more marlin mayhem.

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